Filter the Record Set

NOTE: Bulk Execution must be enabled for a Page by a Page Designer. Refer to Enable Bulk Execution for a Page for more information.

Filtering the record set before performing Bulk Execution allows the user to validate a subset of records versus all records, directing the user to the records requiring correction.

By default, the number of records that can have Bulk Execution performed at one time is 100K. Refer to Set Bulk Execution Parameters for more information. When no filter is applied, all records on the page are validated.

To filter the record set before performing Bulk Execution:

  1. Select Filter from the page gear menu; the filter page displays.
  2. Enter the filter criteria for the fields.

    NOTE: Refer to Use Filters in the DSP® for more information.

  3. Click Ok.
  4. Select Bulk Execution from the page gear menu; a confirmation message/warning the user that the current record set is filtered displays.
  5. Click Ok.