Build a Construction Page Manually

When the construction page should not be generated automatically, build the page manually.

To build the page in Target Design:

  1. Select Design in the Context bar.
  2. Click the Targetsicon on the Design page.
  3. Select the Sources icon for a Target.
  4. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Target Sources page

    NOTE: The Add button is only available if the selected Target has a Design Status of In Design.

  5. Select {Full Construction} from the SOURCE DATA SOURCE list box.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Vertical View icon for the newly added Source.
  8. Click Edit.
  9. Enter the page name in the Construction Page ID field.
  10. Click Save.

After the page is built in Target Design:

  1. Create the underlying table for the page.
  2. Add the fields to be used on the page to the table.
  3. Build a CranPort package for the process to move the data entered in the Construct  page to the sdbDSPConstruct data source.
  4. Register the process in Collect as Target sdbDSPConstruct and Source of Construct with the table name of the table created for the manually constructed page.
  5. Add the Wave-Process Area ID to the page’s table to set security.