Set Message Types for Mapping Review

When a mapping is submitted or reset on the Field Mappings page, the Developer assigned to the mapping’s target and source can be notified that a mapping must be reviewed.

Refer to Add Developers and Business Contacts to a Target or Source for more information.

Depending on a setting on the User Message Type page in Console, the workflow notification can be sent via email or displayed as a notification from within the product. A Developer can also select an option to receive no notifications.

To set the message type for a Developer in Console:

  1. Select Advanced Configuration > User Message Type in the Navigation pane.

    NOTE: A user can set message types for that user’s account only.  An Administrator can set message types for all users who have access to dspMigrate™.

  2. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the User Message Type page

  3. Select an option in the MESSAGE TYPE ID list box.
  4. Click Save.