Lock Records

A user that has the ability to add or edit the contents of the page can perform this task.

For locking to occur on the page when an Excel template has been downloaded containing that data, the reserved columns Locked By, Locked On and boaLockType must be manually added to the underlying table(s) for the page. Refer to Add Syniti Reserved Columns to Tables for more information.

When records are locked, the data in those records cannot be edited or imported until the record is unlocked. Refer to Unlock Records for more information.

When a record is locked, the following columns are populated and the information is viewable by hovering over the padlock symbol that replaces the pencil icon used for editing:

  • Locked By — Displays the user that has the record locked.
  • Locked On – Displays the date and time the record was locked.
  • boa Lock Type – Displays the locking level used. The locking levels prevent simultaneous editing of the data to prevent inconsistency. The locking levels are:
    • Locked via the UI — The record is being edited by another user via the page in the UI.
    • Locked via Excel Integration — The record is being edited via a downloaded record set.

      NOTE: Only records locked via Excel integration can be unlocked via the Excel Integration panel.

Records remain locked until one of the following occurs:

  • The user who has the record locked uploads the spreadsheet
  • The Unlock Records icon in the Excel Integration panel is clicked
  • The time duration noted in the Record Lock Timeout field on the Parameters page has expired.

    NOTE: The Record Lock Timeout only applies to records locked via the UI.