Create System Type Groups from Source Tables

System Type groups are logical groupings of tables, such as Customer or Vendor. Use System Type groups for source database systems where a large number of tables must be created and downloaded.

Create these groups using one of these methods:

To create groups from Existing Source Tables:

  1. Select Collect >Targets in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Sources icon for a dgSAP Target.
  3. Click Vertical View icon for a SOURCE.
  4. Select the Action tab.
  5. Click the Build Group icon.

A System Type group is created with the naming convention <Target>_<Source> and the schema owner is defaulted to dbo for the Group.

Example: dgSAP_SAPRD2 for all active tables in Collect configuration.

NOTE: SCHEMA OWNER must remain set to default when the Connection Type is set to SAPAPPSERVER, or package builds will fail.