Target Design


To access this page:

  1. Select Advanced Data Migration in the Navigation pane.
  2. Select Design in the Context bar.
  3. Click Objectsicon on the Design page.



Target Import

Click to open the Target Object Import page to begin the process of importing a System Type, database table, or Excel file as the basis for a Target design for the selected Object.


Displays the display order of the Object on the Objects page.


Displays the Object name. The Objects that are available are those Objects that have been assigned to the Wave-Process Area in Console to create a context. The current context displays in the Context bar.

Click the link for the Object name to open the Objects page in Console to view additional details about the Object.

Objects are added in Console. Refer to Add an Object for more information.


Displays a brief description of the Object, which was added in the DESCRIPTION field on the Objects page in Console (Elements > Objects).


Click to open the Targets page to add a Target, and to access pages to add a Source, Target fields, Developers and Business Contacts to the Target.

Field Groups

Click to open the Object Field Groups page to add field groups and set the rule priority offset for an Object.

Refer to Work with Field Groups for more information.

Summary Construction

Click to open a dashboard that provides summary data on construction status.

Refer to View the Dashboard in Construct for more information.

Copy Targets

Click to open the Select Destination Object for Targets page to copy the Object’s Targets to another Object.

Refer to Copy a Target in Target Design for more information.