Extract RFC Functions

Integrate supports the execution of any RFC-enabled Function Module in SAP, including the execution of RFCs and the posting of data via BAPIs.

Before creating a BAPI/RFC template, a Template Administrator must extract the list of RFC functions and their descriptions enabled in the SAP system using the Data Source Registry page in Common.

Integrate pulls the definition of the Function Module from SAP to complete the template.

To extract RFC functions in Common:

  1. Select Configuration > Data Source Registry in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Vertical View for the data source with an APPLICATION DATA SOURCE TYPE of SAP Application Server,
  3. Click the RFC Extract icon.

    NOTE: RFCs must be extracted before the first BAPI/RFC template type can be created.

  4. Click the RFC Functions icon to view the list of RFCs enabled in the SAP System and their descriptions.