Add Data to be Included in the XML File

Review the steps to create and transfer XML files.

Enter the data to the SQL database that Integrate will include in the XML file when it is generated.

Use the view name generated by the Auto Generate Database Objects feature for each loop in the process or the view that was manually created.

  1. Log in to SQL Server.
  2. Locate the database assigned to the process.
  3. Locate the views and corresponding tables assigned to each of the process template loops.

    NOTE: If Integrate created tables and views using the Auto Generate Database Objects feature, views are named tx[Process Name Template Name Loop Name]. Tables are named tt[Process Name Template Name Loop Name]_Upload.

  4. Open each table and add records.

NOTE: The Parent ID ties the structure in the file to the column in the view.

NOTE: If the database objects were created using the Auto Generate Database Object feature, do not populate the ID field, it will be auto-generated.