Create a Fixed Width or Delimited Template

Review the steps in the process.

Delimited files contain data elements, each separated by a character.  The delimiter can be any character, and is defined on the Configuration tab of the Vertical View of the Template page.

Each data element in a Fixed Width file has a defined length.  On the Configuration tab, define the pad location to pad the values to its full length.

NOTE: Begin template creation on the Template page in Horizontal View. Refer to Create a Basic Template for more information.

To create a Delimited or Fixed Width template on the Vertical View of the Template page:

  1. Select Delimited or FixedWidth in the UserDefinedTemplateType list box.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Template page’s Vertical View.

  4. Click Configuration tab.
  5. Select an option in the Fixed Width Pad Location list box for Fixed Width files.

    NOTE: For Fixed Width files, the selection sets whether Integrate will pad the value to its full length before or after the value.  A Pad Location of After will write the value to the file and then fill the remaining length with spaces.  A Pad Location of Before will write spaces before the value so that the length is filled by the combination of spaces and values.

    NOTE: Select None in the Fixed Width Pad Location list box if the template is Delimited.

  6. Enter the character to use when separating the values for Delimited files in Delimiter

    NOTE: This field does not display for Fixed Width templates.

  7. Click Save.