Map Overview

Map is a strategic component of ADM that facilitates the process of mapping for a Target system implementation. Map and Target Design are used to document the design and mapping phases of a migration project. Once Targets and Sources are created in Target Design and the Design is synced with Map, Targets and Sources are pushed to Map where field mapping and value mapping can be performed.

After the mapper has configured a field mapping, it is submitted and must be approved by a Developer on the Mapping Approval page. Refer to Approve or Reject Field Mappings for more information.

Since the mapping process can change at various times during the implementation, Map is a key component within ADM for capturing and tracking requirements, customer decisions and specifications to provide accurate mapping information.

Rules created in Map can then be auto-generated.

Setup and Configuration for Map

Before getting started with Map, verify the following steps have been completed:

  1. Set Up Security for Map

  2. Set Up System Types for the Legacy System

  3. Download Tables

  4. Set up User Notifications

Refer to Access Map for information about accessing the component.