Master Data Management

Add Custom Business Rules

A Designer can add a custom business rule at the scenario role level. The custom business rules are run on the Request Role page.

Adding custom business rules allows stored procedures written on-site to be executed from MDM Request Role page or MDM Request Role Task page. These pages cannot be modified, so this is the means of running stored procedures for certain events on these pages. For example, using this feature a user can register custom business rules to the Foreground Post to transfer data from Content tt tables into Integrate tables that are used for posting.

Custom business rules can be added to the following events. The rules are executed based on Role Type:

  • Task ID rules run when the TaskID button is clicked on the Request Role Task page to access a Content page for entering or updating request data.

NOTE: The Task ID must not be an expected parameter of the custom rule. Custom rules registered at this level are not specific to a particular content page. Rules specific to a particular page must be registered to that content page.

  • Validate rules run when the Validate button is clicked on the Request Role page for any role.
  • Finish rules run when the Finish button is clicked on the Request Role page for the Application role or Post role, or when the Approve button is clicked for the Review role.
  • FinalFinish rules run when the FinalFinish event executes for the Post Role.
  • Reset rules run when the Reset button is clicked on the Request Role page for the Application role or the Reject button for the Review role.
  • ForegroundPost rules run before the Integrate posting adapter is called.

Refer to MDM Design Process Overview for information about setting up Category, Scenario and Roles in MDM.

When adding a custom business rule, the Designer selects the rule from a list of stored procedures from the selected data source. These stored procedures can only accept the inputs RequestID and RoleID.

To add a custom business rule in MDM:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Scenarios icon for a category on the Category page.
  3. Click the Roles icon for a scenario.
  4. Click the Events icon for a role.

    The events display depending on the type of role selected.

    View the field descriptions for the Scenario Role Event page.

  5. Click the Rules icon for an event.
  6. If no records exist, the page displays in add mode. Otherwise, click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Scenario Role Event Rules page.

  7. Enter a priority for the position in the PRIORITY field.

    if there are multiple rules, the PRIORITY determines the order in which the rules run.

  8. Select a data source that stores the rule from the DATA SOURCE ID list box.
  9. Select a rule from the RULE list box.

Click Save.