Master Data Management

Add a Role

Before performing these steps, Create a Category.

This task is performed by a Designer.

Refer to Manage Roles for general information about roles.

To add a role in MDM:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Roles icon for a category.
  3. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Role page.

  4. Enter a unique name for the role in the NAME field.
  5. Enter a brief description of the role in the DESCRIPTION field.
  6. Enter the order the role displays on the Role page in the PRIORITY field.
  7. Click Save; Vertical View displays.
  8. Select an owner of the role in the Owner list box.
  9. Select a type from the Role Type list box.

    NOTE: Values are:

    • Application – Gathers, enters or makes changes to data using pages in the Content WebApp for preparation to send to the system(s) of record
    • Display – Views data but is unable to make changes. Users assigned to a role with a Display role type are not active participants in the process.
    • Review – Evaluates and reviews data, either approving or rejecting all changes made within the execution of a request. Data can be viewed but not modified. A role with this role type can also review the tasks of their dependent application roles within a scenario. Refer to Review a Request Overview for more information.
    • Post – Posts data to a target system after the roles with Application and Review role types have been completed. Refer to Post a Request for more information.
    • ManualPost – Performs work outside of MDM by using a custom posting process or performing a physical task. Refer to Use Manual Post for more information.
  10. Click the Send Workflow check box to disable or enable it as needed.

    NOTE: If enabled, the users assigned to the role receive message and notifications as the request moves through the workflow. Refer to Enable or Disable Messages for a Role for more information.

  11. Click the Auto Extend Display check box to disable or enable it as needed.

    NOTE: If enabled, the tasks within the role display as read only to all other users within the scenario who are not assigned to this role.

  12. Enter the number of days to execute all of the tasks in this role in the Work Days field.

    NOTE: This value is tracked for time tracking against a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Refer to Set up SLA notifications in MDM for more information.

  13. Enter the number of hours to execute all of the tasks in this role in the Work Hours field.
  14. Enter the number of minutes to execute all of the tasks in this role in the Work Minutes field.
  15. Click the Documentation icon to upload documentation regarding the role.

    NOTE: Documentation can be attached to the role to provide additional instructions for the role. A document can also be uploaded and exposed during execution of the role. Refer to Upload Documentation at the Role Level for more information.

  16. Enter text in the Comment field.

    NOTE: This field is a free-form text field and is not validated.

  17. Click Save.

To add a task to a role, or to add a role to a scenario, you must configure security to include the position for the role. Refer to Configure Roles in a Position for more information.

Continue with Add a Task to a Role or Add a Scenario.