Master Data Management

Approve a Request

A Role Processor can approve a request for a Review role.

Before performing this task, a request must have been submitted via the Content WebApp. The request passes to the Review role after all dependencies are complete for the Application role and the final Application role (the role with the highest priority) is finished.

Refer to Review a Request Overview for general information about the review process.

NOTE: If the User Response Required on Warnings option is enabled at the Role or Scenario role level, after a user clicks Finish for the role, any validation failures require a user response to continue the process.

To approve a request in MDM:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Requests in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Roles icon for a request.

    NOTE: The count on the Roles icon is the number of roles for the request. The count may not reflect the number of roles that display on the Request Role page for the current user. The current user can only access roles to which that user is assigned and roles that have the Auto Extend Display setting enabled.

  3. Click the Tasks icon for a Review role.

    NOTE: The Tasks icon for the Review role is disabled until the request is finished by the highest priority Application role.

  4. Click the TASK ID button to review changes entered by the Application role(s).
  5. Navigate to the Request Role page.
  6. Click the Approve icon for the Review role.

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