Master Data Management

Auto Finish a Role

A Designer can configure the Auto Finish Role setting on the Scenario (Roles) page’s Vertical View, which allows the role to automatically finish if the role passes all validations. Auto Finishing a role is useful when a request must pass through a role with no action required from a user assigned to the role. For example, if a request to update all fields with the same value in a table does not need to be reviewed, the scenario role with the Review role type can be configured to Auto Finish.

If the role fails any validations with an Error status, the role is not finished.

The setting is available for roles of any role type.

Before performing this task at least one role must have been added to the scenario. Refer to Add a Role to a Scenario for more information.

If the Auto Finish Role setting is enabled for the Post role, and the request posts unsuccessfully, the role automatically finishes with a status of Posted with Errors.

To enable the Auto Finish Role setting for a scenario role:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Scenarios icon for a category.
  3. Click the Roles icon.
  4. Click Vertical View for role with the role type of Post.
  5. Click the Auto Finish Role check box to enable it.