What's New in Syniti Solutions 7.2

Release Date: 5/19/2020

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NOTE: If you are upgrading from 7.0.6 or below, you may need to migrate your security settings to use centralized security. Users of Data Quality (formerly dspMonitor), Master Data Management (formerly dspConduct),and Mass Maintenance (formerly dspCompose) must update security roles when upgrading to 7.2. Refer to the Syniti Solutions Centralized Security Migration Manual for important information about using security in the DSP in version 7.2 and later. Consult this manual BEFORE updating to 7.2, as an analysis of current security assignments must be completed before the DSP can be updated.

New Feature

Data Migration Dashboards

Project Managers can gain insight into migration project statuses using the Data Migration Cloud Dashboards accessible in the Knowledge Tier. Configuring and using the dashboards:

  • Allows Design / Mapping and Build Status to be tracked against plan by Wave / Process Area, Object or Target Table
  • Allows for project milestones related to design, mapping and build activities to be set and tracked against using near real-time status information.
  • Provides improved metric reporting and dashboarding, giving project stakeholders better visibility of project status using fact based information.

The dashboards provide the following:

  • An Executive Summary of the migration project, including:
    • Development Status to Plan
    • Target Design Percent Complete
    • Field Mapping Percent Complete
    • Field Mapping & Rule Backlog
    • Field Mapping % Populated
    • Rule Build % Complete
    • Complete Mapping Rule Build % Complete
  • Milestone Reporting including:
    • Project Milestones
    • Target Design % Complete
    • Field Mapping % Complete
    • Rule Build % Complete
    • Number of Objects
  • Object Status
    • Data Object Development Status to Plan
    • Target Design % Complete
    • Field Mapping % Complete
    • Field Mapping Backlog
    • Field Mapping % Populated
    • Rule Build % Complete
    • Complete Mapping Rule Build % Complete

Additionally, there are a series of reports that allow project managers and consultants to drill into status information at Object / Target and Target Source level.

This Data Migration dashboarding capability is supported by the following new DSP features:

  • Planning Groups
  • Milestones
  • Load Cycles
  • Object Planning Data

Refer to Configure Data Migration Cloud Dashboards for more information.


Advanced Data Migration

Target Design

The Visibility field on the Target Fields page defaulted to “Both - Mapping for Source and Target” for Natural fields, which meant that every active target field required two mappings: one for the source rule and one for the target rule. This default value caused a duplication maintenance effort because a field typically has either a source or a target rule; not both. To alleviate this duplication, the default value has been changed from “Both - Mapping for Source and Target” to “Source - Source only mapping.”

Data Quality

The WHERE CLAUSE MANUAL field on the User (Reports) page was limited to 2000 characters, which often was not enough characters and led to the generated WHERE clause to be truncated. To accommodate larger WHERE clauses, two changes were made:

  • The WHERE CLAUSE MANUAL field was extended from NVARCHAR(2000) to NVARCHAR(MAX).
  • The associated stored procedures that construct the WHERE clause were updated to ensure the resultant where clause supported NVARCHAR(MAX).

Online Help

Added a topic to the online help explaining how to Populate the Bulk Update Tables to Publish Rules and Terms to the Knowledge Tier.

Resolved Issues

Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®)

DSP Upgrade Impact:

  • When upgrading from DSP 7.0.6 or below to 7.2 or above, Collect target sources that include SAP connection details will automatically have the saved connection string details converted into a new Data Source of type SAP Application Server. The newly created SAP Application Server Data Source will then be assigned to the Collect target source. After upgrading, it’s important to review and test all Collect target sources to ensure they function correctly. [DSP70-740]


WARNING: Customizations made to any component of the delivered Syniti Solutions will be overwritten in the next upgrade. To preserve customizations, make a copy of the customizations prior to applying any upgrade.

A customization is a change to the underlying source code, which differs from configuration – normal setup of the software, such as setting up workflows and defining parameters via the configuration pages.

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