What's New in Syniti Solutions 7.4

Release Date: 11/02/2020

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NOTE: If you are upgrading from 7.0.6 or below, you may need to migrate your security settings to use centralized security. Users of Data Quality (formerly dspMonitor), Master Data Management (formerly dspConduct), and Mass Maintenance (formerly dspCompose) must update security roles when upgrading to 7.4. Refer to the Syniti Solutions Centralized Security Migration Manual for important information about using security in the Stewardship Tier in version 7.4 and later. Consult this manual BEFORE updating to 7.4, as an analysis of current security assignments must be completed before the Stewardship Tier can be updated.

Refer to the Product Certification Matrix for the versions of third-party products that this release has been certified against.

New Feature

Stewardship Tier 7.4 introduces Promote - a new platform module that enables Stewardship Tier solutions to be promoted through a multi-tier landscape. Promote works by comparing the data held within Stewardship Tier application tables and SQL objects created by users between host and destination Stewardship Tier instances and informs users of the differences. Users are then able to selectively transport the changes they require. Promote directly replaces the psaTransport tool and will eventually replace the embedded CTS functionality. Refer to the article Top Benefits of using Promote Over CTS for more information. In 7.4, Promote is delivered with configurations to support the Transport of Advanced Data Migration solutions. Refer to the Advanced Data Migration Code Promotion standard operating procedure for more information. Configurations for other solutions will be added in upcoming releases.

NOTE: To use Promote, a new Stewardship Tier license must be installed. Request a new license by opening a support ticket with Syniti support.


Stewardship Tier (formerly Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®))

The Stewardship Tier is now compatible with Syniti Data Replication 9.7.1.

Online Help

Resolved Issues


  • Fixed an issue related to downloading BOA RFC package types. In version 7.1.3, performance improvements were introduced and these improvements were maintained through version 7.3.0. These improvements were lost in version 7.3.1. For example, a table download of 23K records, with an RFC Records per Call value of 5000 (the default value) takes 42 minutes in 7.3.1, while on previous versions (7.1.3 and later) it takes a consistent 57 seconds. With the fix, the download speed is consistent with the RFC download improvements that were implemented in 7.1.3, and persisted through all versions up to 7.3.0. [DSP70-1197]

    NOTE: Do not set the Trace Level for Collect to Debug on the Debug Logs page in Common. This option generates detailed messages and can slow performance.

  • The table rename option did not work for DBMoto and Data Services package types; the issue has been resolved and table rename now works as expected. In addition, the Table Rename field was removed from the Tables page for Syniti Connect, Excel Import and SAP Text packages because the field was not applicable to those package types. [DSP70-1054]

Stewardship Tier (formerly Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®))

Stewardship Tier Upgrade Impact:

  • When upgrading from DSP 7.0.6 or below to Stewardship Tier 7.4 or above, Collect target sources that include SAP connection details will automatically have the saved connection string details converted into a new Data Source of type SAP Application Server. The newly created SAP Application Server Data Source will then be assigned to the Collect target source. After upgrading, it’s important to review and test all Collect target sources to ensure they function correctly. [DSP70-740]

Enhancement Requests From Users

  • Updated the Collect topic Encrypt CranSoft® DataSource Password with a link to the System Administration topic Encrypt Password for CranSoft® DataSource.
  • Clarified the Page Design Guidelines topic with this note: "A custom page built in the Stewardship Tier will not operate correctly when the framework can’t determine the page’s primary key(s). The framework can determine the key(s) automatically when the page is built based on a table with a primary key defined. The platform cannot determine the key(s) automatically when the page is built on a view or on a table with no primary key. In this case, a key must be assigned to the page."

WARNING: Customizations made to any component of the delivered Syniti Solutions will be overwritten in the next upgrade. To preserve customizations, make a copy of the customizations prior to applying any upgrade.

A customization is a change to the underlying source code, which differs from configuration – normal setup of the software, such as setting up workflows and defining parameters via the configuration pages.

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