Data Insiders Community

Data Insiders is a community of data experts that facilitates the sharing of knowledge. The community fosters collaboration to help our customers be successful using our products and services. Join the Data Insiders community to collaborate with other data experts.

Data Insiders have the opportunity to converse directly with each other and Syniti development and services teams to learn how to leverage the features available in the Stewardship Tier and Syniti.

Data Insider Benefits include:

  • Exclusive access to the Data Insider community network, moderated by Syniti Customer Success team, to post questions, suggestions, ideas, and communicate with other Data Insiders.
  • Networking with peers to understand and learn from the experiences of fellow data experts with data migration and data governance initiatives.
  • Influence over product planning and development of future Syniti product roadmap.
  • Recognition for ideas that result in product improvement and helpful contributions to the community conversations.
  • Invitations to regional Insider networking events, offering in-person, peer-to-peer networking and discussion.