Download and View Assets From the Knowledge Tier

When an asset is downloaded, the process deletes what has already been pulled down (if data has been pulled down) and pulls down all available assets and asset details for the select asset name, depending on how the endpoints are configured in the REST API.

To download and view assets from the Knowledge Tier:

  1. Select Knowledge Tier Connect > Knowledge Tier Download in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Download Asset icon for every asset.

  3. Click the View Data icon for a downloaded asset.

NOTE: Depending on the asset type, additional drill-down pages are available to view details such as asset contacts, sponsors, relationships, and supporting documentation.

The following assets can be downloaded from the Knowledge Tier:

  • Category

  • Dataset

  • Goal

  • Initiative

  • Mission

  • Policy

  • Program

  • Rule

  • System

  • Term

  • User

  • Vision