Set Up Security for Stewardship Tier and Knowledge Tier Integration

There are two types of users of the Knowledge Tier integration, each requiring different security access to Common. Refer to the following table:

Type of User

Security Access

  • Update the tenant connection details on the Knowledge Tier Tenant page

  • Upload/download assets to/from the Knowledge Tier

  • Common PowerUser WebApp group

  • Administrator security role or assigned to a role that includes the Common PowerUser WebApp group

View data on all the Knowledge Tier Connect pages

Common ReadOnly WebApp group

NOTE: Access to the Common PowerUser WebApp group should only be granted to experienced users. Alternatively, a custom WebApp group can be created that provides access to the specific pages used by the Knowledge Tier integration.

Refer to Set up Security for Common for detailed information on adding users to WebApp groups and security roles.

Connect to a Knowledge Tier Tenant

Only one Knowledge Tier tenant can be connected to a single Stewardship Tier instance. This connection is used by the plugins to authenticate REST API calls and ensures data is uploaded and downloaded to/from the correct Knowledge Tier tenant. This connection also allows proxy information to be entered in the event that a proxy needs to be used to connect to the REST APIs.

To connect to a Knowledge Tier Tenant:

  1. Select Knowledge Tier Connect > Knowledge Tier Tenant in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click Edit.

    View the page description for the Knowledge Tier Tenant page

  3. Enter the Knowledge Tier tenant name in the Tenant Name field.

    NOTE: The Api Url is Syniti's REST API and cannot be modified.

  4. Enter the user name to connect to the API in the Api User Name field.

  5. Enter the password that corresponds to the API User Name in the Api Password field.

  6. Enter the number of seconds the API query runs until it times out (and displays an error message) in the Api Timeout Seconds field. The default is 30 seconds.

  7. Populate the Proxy Url, Proxy User Name and Proxy Password fields if a proxy server is being used to connect to the REST API.

  8. Click Save.

View Asset Mapping

Asset mapping is a set of read-only pages that map the SwaggerHub endpoint definitions to the object structure to display what the plugin uses to determine where data is set (via POST end points) and where data comes from (via GET endpoints).

For detailed information on Syniti’s REST API documentation, refer to the SwaggerHub Document accessed through the topic Knowledge Tier API in the Knowledge Tier help.

To view the asset mapping details:

  1. Select Knowledge Tier Connect > Knowledge Tier Tenant in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Assets icon.

  3. Click the Fields or the Sub Assets icon to view additional details on an asset mapping.