Publish Reports to Report Delivery Pages

When a report is published it is visible on the Business user’s Report Delivery pages (accessed from My Reports in the Navigation pane).

Actionable reports are error reports with a non-zero record count. Report types for error reports are Error, Target Readiness and Business Readiness.

By default, reports are not published.

A report is published to the report delivery pages if the PUBLISH check boxes are checked at both the individual report level and the level of processing in Transform. For example, to publish a target report when processing reports at the target level, the PUBLISH check box must be checked on the Targets page and for the report on the Target Reports page.

A new 'Historical Record Count' is recorded and displayed on the report delivery pages (with a new RunID) when the PUBLISH check box is checked at the report level and Transform is processed at any level.

A user can also publish an individual report by checking the PUBLISH check box for that report on the Target Reports, Target Source Reports or Target Data Services Reports pages, then clicking Execute on the Page toolbar.