Re-create BAPI Templates

Due to an update in the Integrate.dbo.ttBAPI table to avoid the use of a binary formatter, when upgrading to the Stewardship Tier 7.4.3 or above, clients must re-create their BAPI templates. Failing to do so will cause the posting of a BAPI template to fail with the following error:

An Exception was thrown: The BAPI Template was exported using an older version of the Stewardship Tier which is incompatible with the current 
Please re-create the template by clicking the Create BAPI Template button on the vertical of the Template page.

All BAPI templates must be valid, i.e., the BAPI function exists and the SAP Application Server is accessible.

To re-create BAPI templates:

1. Select Integrate > Categories in the Navigation pane.

2. Click the Templates icon for a BAPI category.

3. Click Vertical View for a template.

4. Click the Create BAPI Template icon.