What's New in Syniti Solutions 7.4.3

Release Date: 04/27/2021

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NOTE IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM 7.0.6 OR BELOW: You may need to migrate your security settings to use centralized security. Users of Data Quality (formerly dspMonitor), Master Data Management (formerly dspConduct), and Mass Maintenance (formerly dspCompose) must update security roles when upgrading to 7.4.2. Refer to the Syniti Solutions Centralized Security Migration Manual for important information about using security in the Stewardship Tier in version 7.4.2 and later. Consult this manual BEFORE updating to 7.4.2, as an analysis of current security assignments must be completed before the Stewardship Tier can be updated.

Refer to the Product Certification Matrix for the versions of third-party products that this release has been certified against.

NOTE: A new, critical, step has been added to the Post Upgrade section of the Installation process. After an upgrade to Stewardship Tier 7.4.3, users must re-create their BAPI templates. Failing to do so will cause the posting of a BAPI template to fail. Refer to Re-create BAPI Templates in the Install Manual for more information.


Advanced Data Migration

Target Design

The processing time when importing fields related to Lookup tables has been improved with the addition of a WHERE clause specifying wave, process area and object.

Construct Source Relevancy Pages

Source Relevancy pages are installed as part of new installations of the Stewardship Tier. These pages, available in Construct, support a common approach to implement data relevancy within an Advanced Data Migration project. Essentially, the pages allow consultants to document the criteria used in their relevancy rules and to then drive the transformation rules they create from this data. For further information about the Source Relevancy pages, including how upgrading customers can obtain these pages refer to the article Advanced Data Migration Source Relevancy in the Knowledge Base.

Stewardship Tier (formerly Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®))


A new check box, Large Data, is available on the Structures - Data Table Column page to allow columns with large amounts of data (e.g., 1 MB) to work with the comparison process. If checked, the text “Large Data” displays for the Large Data column on the Package - Data Comparison Records page instead of attempting to display the field’s content. If unchecked and a column being compared contains large amounts of data, the Package - Data Comparison Records page will fail to load.


  • The structure of the dgTargetSouceTable has changed. The key fields for this table were previously Target, Source and Table. Starting with version 7.4.3, the table uses a key field that has a unique ID and the table now has a unique constraint for Target, Source, Table and TableRename. All child tables that have foreign key relationships to the dgTargetSourceTable have been updated to use the new unique id.

    Using Table Rename functionality, users can register multiple tables with large data sets (for example, BSEG) but with different Table Renames (for example Company Code). This allows users to extract data from target sources on a more granular level, pulling the correct data into tables named, for example, for BSEG_Company One, BSEG_Company Two, and so on.

    NOTE: These changes to table structure will cause CTS packages, DBVT packages or any scripts used to populate the target source tables built on previous versions to fail. To fix the CTS issue, upgrade, then rebuild the package. Scripts and DBVT packages will need to be modified to use the updated key fields and table structures.

  • On the Target Source Table Index Columns page, the page is now sorted by the Index ID.

  • On the Data Source Table Columns page, the page is now sorted by the Column Order

  • On the Copy Targets page, the “Target To” list box excludes the target in the “Target From” list box, as this scenario is not valid .

  • On the Table Errors page, added a link to the TABLE column to the Table page.

  • The following changes have been made to the Collect Tables page:

    • The Table Rename column was added to the Horizontal View.

    • The page order was changed to the updated key field, Target-Source-Table-Table Rename.

    • The Package Type field and the Table Rename field were moved from the Advanced Settings tab to the General tab on the Vertical View

    • The Build and Refresh and “Build Package” buttons will now be disabled if the selected table is marked as inactive


  • SAP Application Server data sources allow available RFC Enabled Functions to be extracted. This extract process ran a foreground process that had the potential to timeout. To prevent this, the extract process has been updated to run in the background.

  • The following user experience improvements were made to the Knowledge Tier Connect pages:

    • A Record Count field now displays on the Knowledge Tier Download page to show the number of assets downloaded.

    • Record Counts are now included on all relationships, sponsors, contacts, supporting documentation and field icons to clearly display the number of asset details assigned to the asset.

    • The ID list box on the asset relationship upload pages now includes a friendly description of the relationship.

    • Previously, in order to use Excel integration to add system fields on the System Field Upload page, users must have first manually entered a system field before the Excel Upload icon was available. The functionality on this page has been streamlined where a system field does not have to be manually added before Excel integration can be used.

    • Many fields in the Knowledge Tier Connect were imported from the API and did not meet design standards. To align these fields to Syniti design standards, various field names were updated by adding capitalization and spaces, and removing underscores

    • For UI consistency, the Asset Support Documentation page was renamed to Asset Supporting Documentation.

    • Various fixes were made to column length issues and validations, including:

      • The Definition field on the Policy page is now set to nvarchar(max) to account for the 30,000 character limit allowed by the API.

      • The Value field for supporting documentation across all assets is now set to nvarchar(max) to account for the lack of a character limit in the API.

      • The Classification field on the Data Set Field Upload page is now hard required.

  • In this release, it is not possible to add or change category values on new or existing rules and terms. If you need to do this, please contact Syniti Support who will advise how this can be done.

  • Syniti is now delivered with API stored procedures to post assets. Refer to Use API Stored Procedures to Post Assets for more information.

Syniti Data Replication

The 7.4.3 version of the Stewardship Tier is compatible with Syniti Data Replication

Resolved Issues

Advanced Data Migration

SQL AutoGen

The Rebuild – Alter Table and Drop & Rebuild Views And Stored Procedures option for the AutoGen Level on the Automation page has been updated (and renamed) to no longer drop and alter the source table and target tables. Only views and stored procedures are dropped and rebuilt. [DSP70-1218]

Stewardship Tier (formerly Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®))

Fixed issues that caused slow Excel Import performance when inserting and updating records on a page with a large number of records already added to the page. For example, before the fix, an Excel import to update 10k records over a table with 20k records took 2 mins 28 secs. With the fixes, this import process now takes 23 secs. [DSP70-1281]


Fixed an issue that caused a posting to fail and a Timeout error to display when posting large data sets. The error occurred if:

  • The process post’s underlying view contained a number of records that took longer than 30 seconds to process, and

  • The process post’s WHERE clause did not limit the maximum posting time to 30 seconds

With the fix, the Timeout error does not display in this situation and large data sets can be posted. [DSP70-1278]

System Administration

When a report is executed in Transform with the Publish option enabled, .xlsx files are generated in the Transform directory and in the C:\Windows\Temp folder on the application server. Previously, these files were not deleted, which caused the system to run out of space quickly. Now, these temporary .xlsx files are deleted from the C:\Windows\Temp folder after the report is generated. [DSP70-1229]

Known Issue

In Collect, on the Tables page, the Package Type of Syniti Connect displays as IG Universal Connect in the Package Type list box. This option will be updated in a future release.


WARNING: Customizations made to any component of the delivered Syniti Solutions will be overwritten in the next upgrade. To preserve customizations, make a copy of the customizations prior to applying any upgrade.

A customization is a change to the underlying source code, which differs from configuration – normal setup of the software, such as setting up workflows and defining parameters via the configuration pages.

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