Configure Data Services Functionality

To use Data Services AutoGen, a user accesses Data Services pages using the Data Services icons (Data Services Rules, Data Services Reports, and Data Services Remediation) on the Targets page in Transform. These icons do not display by default. A Data Services repository must be assigned to the object containing the target in Console. The Data Services repository must be registered as a data source in the Stewardship Tier. Refer to Register a Data Source in Common for more information.

To configure Data Services functionality for Transform:

  1. Select Console in the Context bar.
  2. Click the Process Areas icon for the Wave containing the object.
  3. Click the Objects icon for the Process Area.
  4. Click the Vertical View for the object.
  5. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Process Area : Object Vertical View

  6. Check the Data Services check box.

    NOTE: This check box must be checked to use Data Services AutoGen.

  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Edit.
  9. Select the repository from the Data Services Repository list box.
  10. Click Save.