Data Quality

Set Up Structure

Data Quality is organized by report repositories, groups, reports and users. Reports are registered to report repositories and then to groups. To allow for different report settings based on group requirements, the same report can exist in multiple groups. To access the group’s reports, users are registered to a group.

Setting up the Data Quality consists of the following steps:

  1. Register Report Repositories
  2. Register Collect Targets to a Report Repository
  3. Register Thresholds for Collect Target Tables
  4. Register Thresholds for Collect Target Table Columns
  5. Create Reports
  6. Create Groups
  7. Create Objects and Publish Reports to Groups
  8. Register Reports to a Report Repository
  9. Register Collect Target Tables to a Report
  10. Register Collect Target Table Columns to a Report
  11. Track Error Records on Reports
  12. Register Reports to Objects
  13. Add Reports to a Group
  14. Register Users to Groups
  15. Customize User Settings
  16. Process Reports