Mass Maintenance

Modify an Active Template in Developer Mode

NOTE: Developer Mode should only be used by developers while troubleshooting issues when configuring a template. It should never be used in a Production environment.

A Template Administrator can enable Developer Mode to make configuration changes to an active template with active requests. Once the updates are complete, Developer Mode can then be disabled to prevent further updates.

NOTE: When changes are made in Developer mode, requests that were previously entered for the template may no longer work.

NOTE: When Developer Mode is enabled for an active template, different icons are active on the General tab of the Templates page’s Vertical View depending on the template type. For custom templates, the Generate Custom icon displays. For BDC script and GUI script templates, the Generate icon displays.

To update an active template:

  1. Click Vertical View on the Templates page for the template.
  2. Click Advanced tab.
  3. Click Developer Mode.

    NOTE: While in Developer Mode, the template’s settings, assigned roles, and other options can be updated. On the Template page’s Vertical View, the Edit and Delete buttons become active. On the Advanced tab, the Regenerate Data Objects icon and the Reset Status icon are active.

    NOTE: A template cannot be deactivated in Developer Mode if there are active requests associated with the template.

  4. Click Developer Mode on the Advanced tab of the Templates page's Vertical View when updates are complete to turn Developer Mode off.