Mass Maintenance

Post Request Data to a Target ERP System

Once all roles have been approved by the user assigned to the Review role, the request data is ready to be posted. As a recommendation, if a large number of records is to be posted, post request data during non-peak work hours, for example, after 5:00 p.m.

NOTE: When the Review role user clicks the Approve icon for the request, the user assigned to the Post role for the request receives an email if the SEND WORKFLOW check box is checked for that user on the User page.

NOTE: If the request has Org Units assigned, Mass Maintenance only sends workflow emails to users who have Org Unit security for values on the request.

The posting options available for a request are set on the Parameters page on the Posting and File tab. If a Template Administrator enables a check box on this page, that posting option is available to users with the Post role on the Request (Post) page. If a Template Administrator disables a check box on the Parameters page, the posting option does not display on the Request (Post) page, and is unavailable to the Post role when processing a request.

Posting options determine whether a request is posted in the background immediately, in the foreground immediately, or in the background at a scheduled start time.

NOTE: A request based on a GUI Script template cannot use the Foreground post method.

A request is posted in the background if there is a large amount of data to process that may affect system performance or may time out a session. Monitor posts that run in the background on the Request Role Finish Monitor page. Refer to Monitor Requests for more information.

A post that runs in the foreground processes immediately and is used for requests that do not time out the system based on the number of records to process.

Posting options include:

  • Foreground Post - Immediately posts data in the foreground using stored user credentials.  

    NOTE: This option is not available if the request uses a GUI Script template type.

  • Background Post - Posts a request in the background using stored credentials.
  • Schedule Post - Posts a request at a scheduled time using stored credentials.

Refer to User Credentials in Mass Maintenance for more information.

NOTE: When posting in Mass Maintenance using the Schedule Post feature, users must be assigned to the Post Monitor group in Integrate to successfully post.

Refer to Display Posting Options on Requests for more information.

To post request data in Mass Maintenance:

  1. Click the Workflow link in the email to be directed to the request.


    Select Requests in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click Roles for a request.

    NOTE: The count on the Roles icon is the number of roles the current user can access, not the total number of roles for the request.

  3. Click Request (Post) for the Post ROLE ID.

    NOTE: If performing a Schedule Post, refer to Setting the Post Start Time for more information.

  4. Click the applicable post method icon; a confirmation message displays.

    NOTE: If the Foreground Post, Background Post or Post Later options do not display, check boxes for the corresponding posting methods are disabled on the Parameters page. Refer to Display Posting Options on Requests for more information.

    NOTE: If posting via Post Start Time, refer toSetting the Post Start Timefor more information.

  5. Click Yes.

    NOTE: When posting in the foreground, a message displays indicating the success or failure of the post. Mass Maintenance supports partial posts if some records error out. In the case of a partially successful post, the initial Data Entry role is reset and the failed records display on the data entry page for the initial Data Entry role. Refer to Review Posting Messages for more information.

  6. Return to the Request (Roles) page.
  7. Click Finish for the Post Role ID.

NOTE: When a user clicks the Finish button for a Post role, a validation stored procedure runs to check for any post errors. If post errors exist, a warning message displays. This feature ensures a request is not finished with posting errors without the user’s permission.

NOTE: At the template-role level for a Post role, a Template Administrator can register tables for download as a Finish process. Additional configuration settings allow a Template Administrator to set Collect rules to run on table data after the download is finished, and to specify filter columns for both source and target data. Refer to Register Tables for Download as a Finish Process using Collect for more information.

NOTE:  If no tables have been registered for download as a Finish process or no columns have been configured for the tables for download, warning messages display. Refer to Register Tables for Download as a Finish Process using Collect for more information.

NOTE: A rule can be associated with this template level event. Refer to Register Rules to Template-level Events  for more information.