Register Destination Server in Promote

Once a connection has been made between the host and the destination servers in Common, register the destination (i.e., target) server in Promote. The landscape may have multiple destination servers depending on how many tiers are in the environment.

To register the destination server in Promote:

  1. Select Configuration > Servers in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click Add.

    View the page description for the Servers page

  3. Enter a sort order in the Priority field.

  4. Select a data source from the DATA SOURCE ID list box. This is the destination data source added in the Create a Connection to the Destination Server section.

  5. Enter a friendly name in the DISPLAY field. This is the name that displays to Promote users.

  6. Click the IS DEFAULT check box to enable it if the destination server will be used frequently.

  7. Click Save.