What's New in Syniti Solutions 7.4.6

Release Date: 9/16/21

This release contains:

Refer to the Product Certification Matrix for the versions of third-party products that this release has been certified against.


NOTE: If psaCollate is installed on the instance you are upgrading, you must uninstall it before upgrading to 7.4.6. The collation technology is included in the product in 7.4.5 and later. To uninstall psaCollate refer to the Knowledge Base article Uninstalling psaCollate Prior to Upgrade.

NOTE: When upgrading to Stewardship Tier 7.4.5 AND LATER, data sources are automatically assigned with the Collation Type of General Latin Case-insensitive. This ensures that the ADM AutoGen continues to create SQL tables whose text columns have a case-insensitive collation.

NOTE: When upgrading to Stewardship Tier 7.4.6 AND LATER, open a support ticket with Syniti Support to request a new license in order to use Entity Validation and Migration Reports. If using Entity Validation, you must also request a Melissa license.

NOTE: A new, critical, step has been added to the Post Upgrade section of the Installation process. After an upgrade to Stewardship Tier users must re-create their BAPI templates. Failing to do so will cause the posting of a BAPI template to fail. Refer to Re-create BAPI Templates in the Install Manual for more information.

NOTE IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM 7.0.6 OR BELOW: You may need to migrate your security settings to use centralized security. Users of Data Quality (formerly dspMonitor), Master Data Management (formerly dspConduct),and Mass Maintenance (formerly dspCompose) must update security roles when upgrading to 7.4.6. Refer to the Syniti Solutions Centralized Security Migration Manual for important information about using security in the Stewardship Tier in version 7.4.6 and later. Consult this manual BEFORE updating to 7.4.6, as an analysis of current security assignments must be completed before the Stewardship Tier can be updated.

NOTE IF YOU ARE UPGRADING TO 7.4.2 OR HIGHER: Please be aware that any JavaScript content added is stripped away and any remaining, safe HTML is displayed to users. In Stewardship Tier versions 7.4.1 and earlier, users were permitted to enter HTML and have it rendered in the UI or included in file downloads from the UI. There were no restrictions in place on what HTML/JavaScript text was permitted, leading to potentially dangerous cross-site scripting attacks. Refer to the Unsafe HTML/JavaScript removed in Stewardship Tier 7.4.2 Knowledge base article for more information.

New Features

Entity Validation

Stewardship Tier 7.4.6 introduces Entity Validation - a new platform component that provides a way to standardize data. This initial release currently supports address verification using Melissa. Utilize the component to manually add and verify addresses or adapt the tables to any address cleansing solution.

Refer to the online help for more information about this new component.

NOTE: To use Entity Validation, users must have a valid Melissa license and must obtain a new Stewardship Tier license. Request a new Stewardship Tier license and/or a Melissa license by opening a support ticket with Syniti Support.

Migration Reports

The Migration Reports WebApp provides a simplified and improved version of Report Delivery. Report Delivery in Transform allows users to access reports for objects in the currently selected wave and process area in the Context bar. The new Migration Reports WebApp allows users to access reports across all objects. Using this WebApp, Business Contacts can quickly navigate to reports and drill down and select reports to add to their Favorite Reports page using a variety of methods. Administrators can easily grant user access to reports by object. Refer to View Migration Reports for more information.


AWS RDS is now supported as a database server with certain configurations. Refer to the section Hyperscaler - AWS Hardware Requirements in the Requirements Guide for more information.

NOTE: For the 7.4.6 version of the Stewardship Tier, the source and target for CTS and Promote must both be RDS or both be non-RDS databases.

Syniti Data Replication

The 7.4.6 version of the Stewardship Tier is compatible with Syniti Data Replication 9.8.

Advanced Data Migration (ADM)



On the Target Reports and Target Source Reports pages, on the Vertical View, on the Business User Settings Tab, the Sensitive check box and the Business Users Assignment icon are no longer hidden until the report is published. Report administrators can now use these settings to configure granular user access to a report before publishing it. Refer to Grant Users Access to Reports and Sensitive Data for more information.

System Administration

To better support decryption of encrypted data, on the Decrypt page of System Administration, the field Encrypted Data has been increased from 255 characters to 1024 characters.

Resolved Issues

Master Data Management

  • Corrected an issue that occurred after validation message phrases were added to a catalog in a language other than English. These phrases were not translated when the validation message displayed. Now, these phrases display using the correct phrases. The phrases can either be translated:

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when downloading data on the Request Role Audit Details page. When the Review role attempted to download the request data, the CreatedOn and CreatedBy fields were not included in the download. With the fix, these two fields are included in the download as expected. [DSP70-1475]

  • Fixed an issue for pages that required scrolling in the grid to view additional information. If these pages allowed download, no download occurred when the user clicked the Download button. With the fix, these pages now properly download, as expected. [DSP70-1476]

Advanced Data Migration (ADM)


  • Several metrics related to Field Mapping were returning incorrect statistics when a target had multiple target sources including inactive ones. The metrics views did not exclude inactive target sources. Incorrect statistics were also returned when there were multiple target sources for the same source. These issues have been fixed and the metrics are now calculated correctly. [DSP70-1480]

  • Fixed an issue where creating a new wave as a copy of two different source waves that contained segmented target reports was failing to complete the background job. With this fix, both waves are copied correctly and the status in the source wave shows as Procedures Completed as expected. [DSP70-1482]


To support copying of a template or a process on the Copy page, the lengths of the following fields were updated. The Copy To Template Name field had a length of 50 which has been updated to 150. The Copy To Process field had a length of 50 which has been increased to 255 characters. [DSP70-901]

Stewardship Tier (formerly Data Stewardship Platform (DSP®))

  • Fixed an issue with RFC extracts running on an SAP HANA database that caused the extract to duplicate data. This happened because HANA databases do not sort data in the same way as typical databases. To fix this, a Transport has been added that sorts the order of the records based on primary key once the selection is complete. This new Transport is included in the Stewardship Tier installation. [DSP70-1519]

  • An error message displayed erroneously when creating a Service message for a Service page. The error was "Please ensure that the Service User ID listed below has permission to access this page." The requirement for a Service User to have access to the Service page is no longer in the Stewardship Tier and the error message no longer displays. [DSP70-1429]

  • Fixed an issue where multiple clicks on a page link in the site menu caused the links on the displayed page to not respond. With the fix, the links function as expected. [DSP70-1339]


WARNING: Customizations made to any component of the delivered Syniti Solutions will be overwritten in the next upgrade. To preserve customizations, make a copy of the customizations prior to applying any upgrade.

A customization is a change to the underlying source code, which differs from configuration – normal setup of the software, such as setting up workflows and defining parameters via the configuration pages.


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