Group Import

To access this page:

  1. Click Collect > Targets on Navigation pane.
  2. Click Sources icon for a target.
  3. Select a source.
  4. Click Import Group Tables on the Page toolbar.



System Type Group ID

Displays a System Type group, a logical grouping of tables such as Customer or Vendor, to import as a source.


Displays database where downloaded data is stored.


Displays database where data is refreshed from and stored in the target.

Schedule ID

Displays schedule for when target is refreshed with source data. Refer to Create Schedules for more information.

Publish Schema Owner

If checked, the Table Schema Owner is imported to the target database, overriding the default Target Source Schema owner.

Publish Rules

If checked, rules that are assigned to the tables in the group import load into the rule configuration table and update data in the tables when processed. If unchecked, rules assigned to the tables do not load into the rule configuration table. There are no rules to process against the table. Once a rule is loaded into the table, there is no sync process between the group import and the current Target Source table.

Import Group Tables

Click to import System Type group tables from Common.