Encrypt Columns

Before performing this task, Register Tables to Source.

Encrypt source table columns to mask values when the table is downloaded.

To encrypt columns in a source table:

  1. Create encryption key in Common > Configuration > Modules > Keys. Refer to Add Keys for detailed information.
  2. Return to Collect.
  3. Click Tables in Navigation pane.
  4. Click Vertical View for a table.
  5. Click Advanced Settings tab.
  6. Click Encrypted Columns; all columns for the table are listed.
  7. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Target Source Table Column Encryption page

  8. Select a key from Encryption Key list box to control the algorithm used to encrypt the column.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Action tab.
  11. Click Build Package icon so the columns marked for encryption are encrypted; a confirmation message displays.
  12. Click Ok.
  13. Verify new column(s) was added to the table.

To remove encryption from a column:

NOTE: If encryption is turned off for a column, the package will need to be rebuilt for the table. The package can be rebuilt with the Build Package Icon under the Action tab in the vertical view of the table.

  1. Remove the encryption key for the column(s).
  2. Build the package so the columns where encryption has been removed are decrypted.

NOTE: Before building the package, verify Delete Target Table On Build is enabled for the Source or manually delete the encrypted table from the database. Build the package by clicking the Build Package on the Vertical View on the Tables page. Refer to Build Package for Table for more information.

NOTE: When encryption is removed from a table, the table structure is reverted to the original structure.