Master Data Management

Create Validation Views for a Content WebApp Task Page

A Designer can create a validation view for a page in a task with an active variant that checks to confirm that required columns for a scenario > role > task combination contain data. The validation checks every column with the Required check box enabled on the Scenario Role Task Column page for the page selected.

Refer to Configure the Required Setting for a Scenario Role Task Column for more information.

MDM creates a validation view for each required column for the page in the task. If a column is required, the validation fails if there is no data in the column on the page for this scenario > role > task combination. Other scenario > role > task combinations may use different column settings.

A validation view is also created for the default (*) variant which acts as a catch all for values in the variant column that could potentially end up within the request content table and are not set up as a variant on the task.

NOTE: The Request ID must be a key on the validation view when building pages in the Content WebApp.

One validation is always created with the name web[Page View’s Root Name]_[column name]_StarVariant_isRequiredVal. This view is used for validating against the Required setting on records under Scenario Role Task Column with a ‘*’ value for the variant name. An additional validation view is created when a task has active variants named web[Page View’s Root Name]_[column name]_isRequiredVal. Both views should be used as a basis for page validations.

Refer to Activate and Configure Column Variants for more information.

NOTE: Refer to Create Tables and Views for Content WebApp Pages Overview for general information.

NOTE: Once created, a Designer must register the views to a page(s) in the Content WebApp.

A Designer can also create required column validation views for all pages in a task. Refer to Create Validation Views for Content WebApp Task Pages for more information.

To create validation views for a page:

  1. Click Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Scenarios icon for a category.
  3. Click the Roles icon for a scenario.
  4. Click the Tasks icon for a role.
  5. Click the Pages icon for a scenario > role > task combination.
  6. Select one or more page records, and then click the Create Validation Views icon for a page.