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What's New in Syniti Solutions 8.0.0

Release Date: 09/13/22

This release contains:


Stewardship Tier

It is now possible to configure Single Sign On (SSO) for the Stewardship Tier and the Knowledge Platform for a seamless and secure user experience. Refer to Enable Single Sign On for more information.

Master Data Management

To improve auditing of request data, for the Reject and Reset events, the ttRequestRoleLog table now stores the Resetter and Rejecter UserIDs and the date and time when the role was reset or rejected.

Resolved Issues

Advanced Data Migration


Fixed an issue on the Mapping Approval page when a user selected multiple rows and clicked the Approve or Complete icons. Sometimes the event took too long to complete. With the fix, clicking Approve or Complete on the Mapping Approval page with multiple rows selected results in the actions being performed on the selected rows and no timeout in processing. [DSP70-1939]

Stewardship Tier


  • Corrected an issue within theTables page where the Target Source Table Package for Package Types of "SAP Data Services with RFC" was ignoring added Where Clause values during the Data Service Data Flow query. The fix adds the Where Clause to the job build package when it is initially built and applies changes including the Where Clause for existing SAP Data Services jobs. [DSP70-1415]

  • Corrected an issue within the Tables page where the Target Source Table Package for Package Types of 'SAP Data Services' was ignoring added Where Clause updates when packages were rebuilt. The fix rebuilds the package including Where Clause changes. [DSP70-1645]

  • When filtering on the Tables page, if a user selected the Checked or Unchecked option in the Built section, a validation error displayed: “The entered value is not a valid integer.” With the fix, these filters can be used without receiving this error. [DSP70-1972]


Corrected an issue within the Structures - Data Sub Tables page for Collect - Target Source Table where the table columns and the SQL Command details were not included when moving a Collect Target/Source/Table structure to a new system. With the fix, these two sub-tables are included in the promotion. [DSP70-1814]

Master Data Management

Fixed two issues around the notifications sent after the Post event:

  • Duplicate emails were being sent.

  • If the user had selected to receive the notification via email, it was displaying in a notification instead.

With these fixes, one email is sent for each Post event notification using the user’s selected workflow receipt preference. [DSP70-1976]

Known Issues

In Collect, provided two solutions to an issue within Schedule Groups page where a Collect job in the queue for Data Services jobs with other pending jobs produces inaccurate overall processing time.

  • A suggestion is to put all Data Services packages for a Source in a Collect Target Source and then have that Target Source use a separate queue created specifically for the Data Service related collect jobs. Also, make sure that the Service Pages page queue has enough threads so that Services pages are not backed up.

  • An alternate solution is to increase speed for the interval on the Common Data Services Job polling within the Service Pages page to cut down the wait time between when the Data Services job finishes and when the second job is created.