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For general information about contacting Syniti Support, refer to the Guide to the Syniti Software Support website article. This article explains how to register in case you are not yet registered, among other things.

The Stewardship Tier software page acts as a hub to point to various resources.

To submit a support request as a Stewardship Tier user:

Our SAP-partnership (SAP Solution Extension) customers must submit SAP Support tickets through their launchpad website ( This requires an SAP S-User account that is associated with a company that has purchased one of our Solution Extension (SolEx) products.

Our on-prem SAP-partnership (SAP Solution Extension) customers must also work through SAP to download the 8.0.2 install/upgrade files. These are now the latest on-prem Syniti products listed by SAP:

  • SAP Data Migration 8.0 by Syniti (SAP ADM BY SYNITI 8.0)

  • SAP Information Steward Accelerator 7.1 by Syniti (SAP IS ACCELERATOR SYNITI 7.1)

NOTE: SAP no longer lists new versions of ISA. A customer interested in ISA 8.0.2 should buy and download ADM instead. Then we'll include ISA in the license.

If your S-User accounts can’t open a ticket for one of our SolEx products, then we recommend you open a ticket for any SAP product and then ask for it to be routed to the SolEx product. SAP handles routings with component codes. This is the full list of SAP component codes for Syniti:

  • XX-PART-SYN - A generic Syniti code

  • XX-PART-SYN-ADM - SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti (ADM, fka DSMA)


    NOTE: This code is used for two products:

    • SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, cloud edition (ADM Cloud)

    • SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti (ADMM Cloud)

  • XX-PART-SYN-ADM-SRV - Server host requests for ADM Cloud & ADMM Cloud

  • XX-PART-SYN-ISA - SAP Information Steward Accelerator by Syniti (ISA)

In case you have any issue with the SAP launchpad, please make use of the resources on this page:

We drilled through their “contact us” link on that page and found the following resources that might help resolve any issue with the SAP launchpad: