System Administration

Custom Page Column Links

Use this page to Add Custom Links to a Page.

This page contains the following tabs:

To access this page:

  1. Select Admin > Customization > WebApp Customization from Navigation pane.

  2. Click Custom Linksfor a WEB APP NAME.

General tab



Column Name

Displays the column name that appears as the custom link.

Data Options

Binding Field Names

Displays binding criteria between a parent and a child page. If blank, the primary key on the parent table automatically becomes the binding field; the parent and child field names must match to bind. Use this field when the linking relationship cannot be inferred because keys have different names from parent to child pages. A user may specify one or more parent=child pairs. If specifying more than one pair, separate each pair with a comma. For example: CustomerID=CustID; or EmployeeID=EmployeeID, Department=DepartNo

Shared Field Names

Displays  column values to pass to the linked-to page. These values will be displayed on the page title bar. Possible uses are for Filter or List Box WHERE clauses. A user may specify one or more field names or parent=child pairs (if the child page expects a different field name).If specifying more than one field or pair, separate each item with a comma. For example: CustomerID=CustID; orEmployeeID=EmployeeID, Department=DepartNo

Report Options

Report Follows Link

If enabled the linked-to page will be included as a sub-report for all linked pages; i.e., nested reports. If disabled, a report is generated for only the current page.

Link To Report

If enabled, the link will immediately run a Report on the linked-to page, instead of linking the page. If disabled, the user is navigates to the specified linked-to-page.

Advanced Properties tab




Link to Method

Displays the  method in which the link opens.  Options are:

  • Overwrite Layout Pages – Opens the link in the current window, thereby replacing the current page.

  • Popup Window – Opens the link in a new window or tab, depending on the browser settings.

Advanced Data Options

Select Field Names

Feature is not used.

Deprecated Properties

Link To Page Mode

Feature is deprecated.