System Administration

Configure Job Status Types

The Stewardship Tier is delivered with Job Status Types that indicate where a job is in the execution process. Job Status Types are:

  • Cancelled
  • Executed
  • Failed
  • Initializing
  • Processing
  • Ready

A user cannot delete or add Job Status Types, but can update settings as indicated below.

To configure Job Status Types:

  1. Select Admin > Configuration > Setup > Job Status Types in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Edit for a job status type.

    View the field descriptions for the Job Status Types page

  3. Enter a description of the type in the DESCRIPTION field.
  4. Enter a number in the RETENTION DAYS field.

    NOTE: This field sets the number of days jobs with this job status type are retained. After the retention date has passed, the job is deleted from the Stewardship Tier tables. Generally, the default value is appropriate; however, if Stewardship Tier performance is slow because a table is large, users may set the value lower to keep the table smaller. Users may also lower the value to prevent the database from growing too large.

  1. Enable or disable the SHOW ON JOBS SCREEN check box as needed.

    NOTE: This setting determines whether jobs in this status display on the All Jobs page.

  2. Click Save.