System Administration

Configure Log Type Settings

The Stewardship Tier is installed with logs that are created daily, and track errors, warnings, user logins and other items. A user can set the number of days logs are retained before they are deleted and whether a log is active (i.e., whether records are written to the log).

To configure log type settings:

  1. Select Admin > Configuration > Setup > Log Types in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Edit for a log type.

    View the field descriptions for the Log Types page

  3. Enter a value in the RETENTION DAYS field.

    NOTE: After this number of days has passed, the log is deleted. For example, if the field contains 0, the log is deleted daily. If the value is 10, the daily log is retained for 10 days and deleted on day 11.

  4. Enable or disable the ACTIVE check box as needed.

    NOTE: If a log type is not active, no records are added to the log.

  5. Click Save.