System Administration

View boaStatus Values

The Stewardship Tier uses the boaStatus column to display information about a record, such as:

  • Whether a record passed or failed validations
  • If a record is new
  • If a record is valid
  • The record's Control Status

    NOTE: A user can set which boaStatuses return 0 (disabled) and which return 1 (enabled), setting whether a column or control is hidden, active, or dimmed. Refer to Set Column Control Status for more information.

  • Whether processing for a record completed, is currently running, or failed

For example, business rules that take a long time to run can be forced to run in the background. Background events are placed into a job queue for later execution. The boaStatus is Queued when the rule is first submitted. When the event is running, the boaStatus becomes Processing. It then becomes Processing Failed or Procedures Complete.

An Administrator can also add and configure custom statuses as needed, using Custom Status. Settings for delivered boaStatus values should not be updated.

To access the Status page to view boaStatus values, click Admin > Configuration > Setup > Status in the Navigation pane.

Each boaStaus is configured to:

  • Allow for deletion or update
  • Be considered valid
  • Auto refresh upon record update

NOTE: An OnValidate event must be added for every page that contains a boaStatus field, even if there are no validation rules or business rules registered to the page. If the OnValidate event is not created, boaStatus is not automatically updated by Stewardship Tier.

NOTE: The boaStatus field can be automatically added to tables. Refer to Append Syniti Reserved Columns to Tables for more information.