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Create Events

Events are actions that contain validation rules and/or business rules. Validation rules run first and validate data before executing any rules. Business rules run after validation rules complete and perform an action. They can be incorporated into each page or for a specific field triggering an action or event. Validation rules always run in the foreground; however, business rules can be specified to run in the foreground or in the background, depending on the complexity.

  • Foreground Events – Events selected to run in the foreground execute immediately when the status icon is clicked and the page refreshes.
  • Background Events – Business rules that take a longer time to run can be forced to run in the background. Background events are placed into a job queue for later execution. The status is queued when the rule is first submitted. When the event is running, the boaStatus becomes Executing (11). It then becomes Execution Failed (12) or Complete (4).

Event rules can be created to run:

  • OnLoad – Executes prior to the page displaying allowing lazy data population.

    NOTE: This event rule is not available for Service pages.

  • OnValidate – Executes when a record is saved or the boaStatus icon is clicked.

    NOTE: This event rule is not available for Report pages.

  • BeforeDelete – Executes before a record can officially be deleted.

    NOTE: BeforeDelete events can be run in the Background only.

    NOTE: This event rule is not available for Service pages.

  • Columns – Executes at the record level from clicking a specific field. The options display as the names of the columns that can have record-level events added.

There are two ways to add events in Stewardship Tier:

  • Log in to System Administration, navigate to WebApps, locate the WebApp and click Pages. Locate the page and click Events.
  • Navigate to the page in the WebApp where the column property is to be applied. Click the Change Settings icon on the Site toolbar, click Design, then click Events.

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