Application Development

Set the List Order By

By default, like pages, list boxes are sorted based on the primary key. Use List Order By to sort select options in a list box based on another field.

NOTE: Stewardship Tier and SQL Server no longer support the sort in a view in SQL.

Refer to Add List Boxes and Combo Boxes for general information.

To order the list box options:

  1. Access the Page Columns page Vertical View for a list box or combo box.
  2. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Page Columns page

  3. Click the Advanced Properties tab.
  4. Enter the column that should sort n List Order By field.
  5. Click Save.

NOTE: When a field name is entered in ListOrder By field, the default order is ascending. To sort in descending order, enter the field name followed by a space and desc, for example, ProductName desc. Separate entries by a comma.