Update Completed Status of Records

A service page runs once an hour to update the status of completed records for each Construct page.

A user can also manually update the stats to view the current status.

This task is performed in Target Design for a Target Source with a Source data source of {Full Construction}.

NOTE: Completed records are those that were completed according to validations added for the Construct page at the client’s site. Refer to Track Construction Status for more information.

To update record counts in Target Design:

  1. Click Design from the Context bar.
  2. Click the Targetsicon on the Design page.
  3. Click the Sources icon for a Target.
  4. Click the Vertical View icon for a Target Source with a SOURCE DATA SOURCE of {Full Construction}.
  5. Click Update Stats in the Page toolbar.

Updates are reflected in the Full Construction Details section of the Vertical View.