Target Design

Target Object Import: System Types

To access this page:

  1. Select Advanced Data Migration in the Navigation pane.
  2. Select Design in the Context bar.
  3. Click Target Import in the Navigation pane.
  4. Click the System Types Importicon.




Displays the name of the System Type to be imported into the Target.

System Types contain generic information about external systems (e.g., Target and Legacy) used for a data migration.

Refer to System Types for more information.


Displays a description of the System Type which was either imported from a data source or manually added in Common.


Click to open the System Type Import page to select the tables from the System Type to import.

If a System Type has been previously imported into Target Design the System Type can only be re-imported if the Target's Design Status is In Design. On the Targets page, if a Target is selected with a Design Status of Design Finished, Completed or Inactive, the Import icon is disabled.