Target Design

Target Source Contacts

To access this page:

  1. Select Advanced Data Migration in the Navigation pane.
  2. Select Design in the Context bar.
  3. Click the Targetsicon on the Design page.
  4. Click the Sources icon for a Target.
  5. Click the Developers icon for a Source.




Displays the name of the Target table and the Source database to which the Developer or Business Contact is assigned.


Displays the user ID who is assigned to the Target Source as either a Developer or a Business Contact.

When adding a contact, the list box displays all users in the Stewardship Tier who have an email address registered.


Displays the type of contact, which depends on whether the user accessed the page from the Target Sources page by clicking the Developer icon or the Business Contacts icon.

Developers approve mappings submitted for this Source on the Mapping Approval page (Quick Panel > Mapping Approval). Refer to Approve or Reject Mappings for more information. .

Business Contacts are used for reporting purposes and automatically receive public reports for the Target–Source in Transform.


If checked, the user is the primary contact for the Target Source. There can be multiple primary contacts for a Target Source. Primary contacts are used for reporting purposes.