Targets H

Targets V

To access this page:

  1. Click Advanced Data Migration in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Map in the Context bar.
  3. Click the Targets icon on the Process Area Launch page.



Sync From Target Design

Click to sync Map with Target Design, updating tables, fields, Sources and lookup tables.

When Map and Target Design are out of sync, the message Pending Design Changes displays to the right of the page name


Displays the order in which Targets are mapped.


Displays name of the object as defined in Console.


Displays name of the Target for Map and Transform.


Displays brief description of the Target table.


Click to open the Target Sources page to view Sources registered to the Target and to create Sources, to perform field mappings at the Source level, to auto map Sources, to view details about the Target Sources assigned to the current context and to assign relationships for Target Sources.

Field Groups

Click to open the Target Field Groups page to manage field groups.

Field groups are assigned in Target Design, and allow users to apply filters for mapping based on certain values in a field. Refer to Work with Field Groups for more information.

Target Rules

Click to open the Field Mappings page. Accessed from this icon, the page displays mappings for Target rules only.


Click to open the Field Mappings page to submit and reset field mappings for all fields in the context, to view the history for a selected mapping, or to view mapping details. A number does not display on this button if no field mappings have been activated for the current context.

Targets V

Targets H

Use this page to:



Copy To

Click to open the Target Source Copy To page to copy mappings from the current Target rule to another Target rule combination.

Export Field Mappings

Click to open the Export Field Mappings page to export Target rule mappings with a MAPPING STATUS and a RULE STATUS of Complete on the Field Mappings page to the Common System Tables to be imported into Waves and other Process Areas.

Import Field Mappings

Click to open the Import Field Mappings page to review and import Target rule mappings approved in other Waves to the current Target.


Click to reset the processing status if a process fails for any of the Target’s actions.

Target Id

Displays name of Target for Map and Transform. This is a Target table in the Transform Object database.


Click to open the Relationship Joins page to add relationship joins for Add Row and Update Row Source tables.

When a Target is synced with Target Design, relationships are loaded for the Target based on the dependencies set in Target Design.

For example, the MARC table has a parent relationship with the MARD table (as in, MARD is a child of MARC).

The key fields used in the relationship between the tables are MATNR and WERKS.

A user can build a relationship between the two tables, but the relationship join is only entered for the MARD table.

The MARA table is a parent of the MARC, MAKT, and MARM tables. The key field for the relationship join in these cases is the MATNR field.

Relationships must be built at the child table level (as in, MARC, MAKT, AND MARM).

ERP Table Name

Displays ERP table name where data will be loaded.

Data Source ID

Displays database name containing the Target table.

Create Target Details

Target Built By

Displays user ID of individual who last built the Target table.

Target Build On

Displays date and time when Target table was last built.