Value Mapping

Use this page to Perform Value Mapping.

To access this page:

  1. Click Advanced Data Migration in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Map in the Context bar.
  3. Click the Value Mapping icon on the Process Area Launch page.



Auto Map by Description

Click to automatically map the Target value to a Source value by comparing the legacy description to the Target description.

For example, the description of a legacy field is United States of America in both the legacy and Target ERP systems. A value in the field that corresponds to the description for the legacy system is US while a value in the field that corresponds to the description in the Target system is USA.  Map will use USA as the mapped value.

Auto Map by Value

Click to automatically update mapped Target Values by comparing the Legacy Value to the Target Value. This can be performed when a Source and Target have identical System Types, such as SAP to SAP ECC or Oracle to Oracle.


Displays the name of the Target ERP check table. Click the link to open the Value Mapping (Config) page to view details about the check table.

Check tables are also called lookup tables and are added in Target Design or imported with a System Type when it is imported into Target Design.


Displays the description of the check table.

NOTE: This field may be populated when a System Type was imported into Target Design, or may have been updated by a user on the Target Lookup Table page’s Vertical View in Target Design.


Displays the percent of value mapping that is complete for the selected check table.


Displays the number of values mapped for the selected check table.


Displays the count of proposed values on the Value Mapping (Legacy to Target) page (as in, how many records have a Proposed Value entered) for the selected check table.  These values are for informational purposes only.


Click to open the Value Mapping (Legacy to Target) page to perform value mappings for the selected check table. If mappings are 100% complete, no data displays on this page.


Click to open the Field Mappings page to view and edit the field mappings related to the check table.

Tracking Value Mapping

Click to open the Mapping Values Dashboard to view a summary of value mapping progress.