Restore Current Field Mapping From History

On the Field Mapping History page, a user can restore a field mapping to a mapping in history.

Refer to View Field Mapping History for information about when and how history records are created on this page.

NOTE: The Auto Load Mapping History option must be disabled on the Parameters page in Console.

To restore a current field mapping from history in Map:

  1. Click Map in the Context bar.
  2. Click the Targets icon on the Process Area Launch page.
  3. Click the Mappings icon for a Target.
  4. Select the field to restore and click the History icon in the Page toolbar.

    NOTE: The Action for this mapping must be set to blank in order for the history mapping to be restored.

  5. Select the field mapping record to restore to the current field mapping.
  6. Click the Restore icon in the Page toolbar.

    NOTE: This defaults the current mapping to a Rule Status of Pending Review.