Mass Maintenance

Assign a Catalog to a Custom WebApp for Use with Mass Maintenance

When Mass Maintenance is installed, the WebApp dspCompose_Data and its database are also installed. dspCompose_Data is the configured WebApp and database where client customizations and data validations should be created that will not be overwritten during an upgrade. In addition to dspCompose_Data, other custom WebApps and companion databases may be created and used with Mass Maintenance.

NOTE: The number of custom WebApps that may be created is controlled by client licensing.

When a custom WebApp is created, an Administrator must perform the following tasks for the custom WebApp.

  • Create WebApp Groups
  • Define security
  • Define a WebApp catalog in order to perform translations

The catalog for the custom WebApp can be a new catalog added specifically for the custom WebApp or the dspCompose_Data catalog if no specific catalog has been created and defined for the WebApp.

The dspCompose_Data catalog may also be assigned to the WebApp even if a specific catalog does exist for the custom WebApp. However, the dspCompose_Data catalog should be assigned to the WebApp with a higher Priority number than the catalog specific to the custom WebApp.