Mass Maintenance

Configure Global Roles

Mass Maintenance is delivered with three global roles, Data, Review and Post, which can be modified. They can be copied to a template either manually or automatically if the Auto Copy option is selected on the Vertical View of the Roles page.

Users assigned to the Data role enter request data by manually entering or editing data, performing a mass change, or importing data. Refer to Enter Data for a Request for more information.

Users assigned to the Review role review the data entered by the Data role, and approve or reject the data. Refer to Review Request Data for more information.

Users assigned to the Post role post the approved data to SAP. Refer to Post Request Data to a Target ERP System for more information.

Users assigned to the External Data role receive a spreadsheet generated by Mass Maintenance, enter request data, and email the spreadsheet to Mass Maintenance. This data, once it passes validations, becomes the basis for a request. The External Data role type is delivered with Mass Maintenance, but must be added on the Roles page to be used. Refer to Add External Data Role to Global Roles for more information.

If the parameters Add Roles On Template Creation (set on the Parameters page) and Auto Copy (set on the Roles page’s Vertical View) for the global role are enabled, these roles are automatically registered to a new template. These options are enabled by default.

A Template Administrator can also create a global role that can be copied to a template.

If a global role is copied to a template and a user modifies that role at the template level, these changes will not be overridden by global role settings.

If a user deletes a global role at the template level that has the Auto Copy option selected at the global role level, the global role will not be added back to the template.

NOTE: The External Data role can also be added to the Roles page before being added to a template. Refer to Use External Data Roles in Request Processing for more information.

To configure a global role:

  1. Select Configuration > Roles on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Roles page.

  3. Enter the sort order in PRIORITY field, which determines this role’s place in the order of roles displayed on the Roles page and the order the roles on a request are processed. The role with the lowest priority is processed first.

    NOTE: Priority also controls how dependencies are created. Roles should never be available for processing until the roles on which they depend have been processed. Role dependencies should never be set up such that, for example, a role with priority of 50 would become available for processing before a role with priority of 30 or 40 had been processed. Refer to Add Role Dependencies for more information.

  4. Enter a brief description about the global role in DESCRIPTION field.
  5. Click Save.
  6. ClickVertical View.
  7. ClickEdit.

    View the field descriptions for the Roles page's Vertical View.

  8. Select the Force Validation Before Finish check box to enable it to require validation to be complete before the selected role can be finished.

    NOTE: Refer to Add Validations to Roles and Validate a Role for more information.

  9. Select an option from the Prevent Finish Severity list box.

    NOTE: When an option is selected from the Prevent Finish Severity list box, Mass Maintenance prevents a role from finishing if, during processing, a validation fails that matches the selected or higher severity level. Values are:

    • Error – Marks the role status as invalid until the error is corrected and the Validation Rule passes.

    • Message – Marks the role status as valid but a message displays.

    • WarningDisplays a message but the user can proceed with the task even if the validation fails.

  10. Click Save.