Mass Maintenance

Display Posting Options on Requests

The Posting and File tab on the Parameters page has check boxes that correspond to the posting options available Mass Maintenance. If a Template Administrator enables a check box on this page, that posting option is available to users with the Post role on the Request (Post) page. If a Template Administrator disables a check box on the Parameters page, the posting option does not display on the Request (Post) page and is unavailable to the Post role when submitting a request.

Posting options determine whether a request is posted in the background immediately, in the foreground immediately, or in the background at a scheduled start time.

NOTE: A request based on a GUI Script template cannot use the Foreground post method.

A request is posted in the background if there is a large amount of data to process that may affect system performance or may time out a session. Monitor posts that run in the background on the Request Role Finish Monitor page.

A post that runs in the foreground processes immediately and is appropriate for requests that are not so large as to time out the system.

Posting options include:

  • Foreground Post - Immediately posts data in the foreground using stored user credentials.

    NOTE: This option is not available if the request uses a GUI Script template type.

  • Background Post - Posts a request in the background using stored credentials.
  • Schedule Post - Posts a request at a scheduled time using stored credentials.

Refer to User Credentials in Mass Maintenance for more information.

NOTE: When posting in Mass Maintenance using the Schedule Post feature, users must have permission to the Post Monitor group in Integrate to successfully post.