To access this page:

  1. Click Add-Ons in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Web App Groups icon.



Copy From Group

Click to open the Copy From Group page to select a WebApp Group to copy and use for the selected WebApp group.

Publish to Framework

Click to publish the WebApp group along with its page and security role assignments to the framework. These WebApp groups are then active, and the users assigned to the security roles can access the pages as determined by the WebApp group settings.


Displays the WebApp group name.

NOTE: This could be the name of a department, such as Sales or HR.


If checked, this WebApp group has been published to the framework.

NOTE: A WebApp group must be published to be used or copied.


Click to open the Group Pages page to manually assign pages from the selected component to the WebApp group.

Security Roles

Click to open the Security Roles page to assign security roles to the WebApp group. Users who are members of these security roles have access to the pages assigned to the WebApp group after the group is published.