Set Up Security for Assemble

Setting up security for Assemble is a multi-step process. Users are granted access to specific pages and tasks based on their security roles.

Assemble is delivered with three security definitions and associated keys. If a user already exists and has Assemble security roles assigned, but does not have any Assemble security definitions assigned, the Assemble.WorkingDataSources security key is automatically assigned when upgrading to the Stewardship Tier 7.5.0 or above. The other two keys need to be configured by an administrator, depending on what database access the user needs.

To set up security for Assemble:

  1. Create User Accounts in System Administration.

  2. Assign Users to Security Roles.

  3. Establish User-Specific Security Definitions. Assign at least one of the following security definitions, depending on what security the user needs:

  • Assemble.DataSources—allows users to create packages only in the specifically assigned (non-delivered application) data sources.

  • Assemble.WorkingDataSources—allows users to create packages with all working (non-delivered application) data sources.

  • Assemble.ApplicationDataSources—displays delivered application data sources. Packages that read from or write to tables in the delivered databases are not standard nor recommended and can cause functional issues.